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Handbook for the correct acropora ID

A difficult, tedious and error prone with more than two hundred known species and the great similarity between many, acropora ID can be a really difficult task. And if that was not enough, this genus has a huge intraspecific variability depending on various factors such as the depth at which it is found (and thereby [...]

By | December 11th, 2015|Acropora Guidebook, Technique|3 Comments

Bacteria in the marine aquarium

A matter of trust? In the last years it has become very popular the use of all types of bacteria as a convenient and smart solution to solve some of the most common problems in the marine aquarium (high levels of nitrates and phosphates, cyanobacteria, dirty substrate, seaweed, diseases and infections ...). Almost all manufacturers [...]

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Five essential equipments for your reef tank

Do you want to have a healthy and beautiful reef aquarium? You will not succeed without the use of certain equipment. Some are very cheap and their use is questionless, but others may constitute a significant outlay and we will have to carefully decide which is the one that most interests us. Reef aquariums are small unique and inimitable ecosystems, with a complex biology and [...]

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Propagating acroporas, awesome tricks

To get healthy specimens quickly you ever happened to you that a small cutting from acropora surpasses in size to the original part in a few months? Have you ever noticed any acropora grow from a small crack where you dropped a frag the last time you used your cutting pliers? Why when a branch is part acropora not [...]

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Buying corals, practical pieces of advice

And is it right for today, due to globalization and the rise that has suffered this hobby, we have access to all kinds of corals. We are surrounded by colorful and evocative-shaped temptations within a wide price range. Buying corals is very easy, the difficult part is to do it well and at a good price. By [...]

By | July 24th, 2015|Technique|7 Comments

In a drop of water (2nd part)

We can find strange creatures that seem to have been taken from a science fiction novel. Of many shapes and sizes, with different feeding diets and different reproduction strategies. In a drop of water there is plenty of life was the first part of this trilogy in which desvelábamos some of the smallest microorganisms, those that support the food chain. In [...]

By | July 10th, 2015|Technique|1 Comment

Eight tips for an enviable marine aquarium

Simple and inexpensive. Certainly it is a hobby that requires dedication and money. Many of us make major disbursements to access the best skimmer or lighting fixture thinking that we will achieve a beautiful reef aquarium, but sometimes we miss some practices and maintenance routines that if applied correctly will produce enormous benefits to [...]

By | July 8th, 2015|Technique|4 Comments

In a drop of water (1nd part)

There is much life and we realize when we observe under the microscope. Sometimes we see unimaginable microorganisms competing with each other or breeding unceasingly. From tiny bacteria to "huge" crustaceans, we can find countless examples of biodiversity in a tiny drop of water. Biological wealth is not a matter of quantity, but variety. A concept that [...]

By | July 3rd, 2015|Technique|3 Comments

Mini brittle stars, an ally in the aquarium

What's better than something that works, does not suppose a burden and is for free? In the aquarium we have a clear example: mini brittle stars. They are small invertebrates able to locate and consume the smallest scrap of food or dead animal in the aquarium. They are incredibly flexible and deformable so gain access to [...]

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Feeding corals. Pieces of advice

What do corals eat?? This is a question that we should ask more often. Most corals are animals that live in symbiosis with tiny dinoflagellates called zooxanthellae. These dinoflagellate are chloroplast endowed that live under the coral tissue and produce sugars from photosynthesis, which they are released for the benefit of [...]

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Ten reasons why your corals don't show beautiful colours

I give my best and never shown pretty ungrateful What are corals! With how well they care ... Why after a few days after purchasing this acropora, it loses all colours and go brown? Why are the zooanthids so closed? or Why does this anemone keep moving? are common questions among fans [...]

By | May 21st, 2015|Technique|4 Comments

Adjusting the calcium reactor. Practical handbook

An equipment that you should pay enough attention. Yet it is one of the most important. If we want to keep hard corals successfully, specially short polyp, also called SPS, we must bear in mind the following concept: stability. And what is the stability? To begin with, something we do not talk much [...]

By | May 18th, 2015|Technique|2 Comments

The marine aquarium. What you have never been told

A beauty like no other, it requires more than will. It is undeniable, we all have felt captivated by the beauty that exhibit certain marine aquariums. Either by the color of their corals, because of the selection and behavior of the fishes or any other reasons there are many examples of awesome aquariums. I know many people who have not been [...]

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Cleaning equipment, meditations

I have to admit it, I think it is a very sexy denomination. Toda la vida llamándolo equipo de limpieza y no es más que un puñado de caracoles, crabs, erizos y gambas. Cualquier persona ajena a nuestro mundo de color y fantasía podría pensar en cualquier otra cosa menos eso...pequeños invertebrados, with little grace and beauty in the most [...]

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