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The revolutionary and innovative calcium reactors using the latest generation of optical sensors to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the column reactor

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The revolutionary and innovative reactors calcium using the latest generation of optical sensors to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the column reactor.
This ensures trouble-free operation (no need to use a pH probe and expensive aquarium computer/controller to measure the acidity of water).
Controller include external speaker which inform Customer about critical situations(jammed main pump, empty CO2 bottle etc)

The reactor CalcFeeder is fully autonomous and independent system to maintain proper level of calcium / carbonate hardness (and other macronutrients) in saltwater aquariums.

The reactor can be fed using any dosing pump with adjustable flow (as the one included in the kit PRO) or also using the bypass (from the main pump) or gravity (least recommended solution).

Includes sponge/foam pads for small size media.

Using additional degassing column (model DC-1 / 2.5 litres volume or DC-2 / 7.0 litres volume) increases the efficiency of the reactor and raises the pH level in the reactor effluent.

Pacific Sun is the first company which has used optical sensors to control/measure carbon dioxide levels in reaction chamber. Using latest generation optical sensors(with four active photo-LEDs) guarantee perfect and very precise CO2 dosing and stable effluent parameters. 
The special design of the reaction column ensures proper saturation of carbon dioxide in the water.
As the main pump used excellent quality German pumps manufactured by AquaBee.

The entire reactor was made from the highest quality materials (100% pure acrylic) used silicone gaskets and closure of a "key hole" guarantees easy and friendly operation for many years.

More information: CalcFeeder, a different calcium reactor


There are two versions, Basic and PRO.

The PRO version is exactly equal to the basic one but includes a controller with a high precision dosing pump and a touch screen to program the system. Additionally, this controller is able to tell us if the CO2 is terminated by acoustic signals.

CalcFeeder AC1 - for aquariums up to 800 litres
Media reactor volume - 7 liters / 7kg
Size:  230x390x550mm (WxDxH)

CalcFeeder AC2 - for aquariums from 300 to 1400 litres
Media reactor volume - 12 liters/12 kg
Size:  290x430x550mm (WxDxH)

CalcFeeder AC3 - for aquariums from 500 to 2500 litres
Media reactor volume - 20 liters/20 kg
Size:  340x490x580mm (WxDxH)

CalcFeeder AC4 - for aquariums from 800 to 4000 litres
Media reactor volume - 29 liters/29 kg
Size:  370x520x580mm (WxDxH)


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