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Easybooster for direct feeding corals, aquarium filter feeders and zooplankton.

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It is available in blister format 14 or 28 pods. Serves a daily dose for an aquarium 150 to 200 liters gross.

Also available in 250 ml and professional format of 1500 ml.

This format was developed to enable the dosage of phytoplankton fully automated by a peristaltic pump and a EasyConnect adapter.

Easybooster: four species of microalgae easy reefs® are used: Isochrysis T-Iso (33.3%), Nannochloropsis (31%), Tetraselmis (18%), Phaeodactylum (18%), thus obtaining an optimal nutritional balance.

The dose varies slightly depending on the load aquarium organisms, but is typically set between 8 ml (base pattern or maintenance) and 16 ml / day (medium-high demand) for an aquarium with a gross volume of 1000 liters .

Is recommended dosing Easybooster distribute throughout the day. No need to shut the skimmer.

We recommend starting using Easybooster in increasing weekly doses to the following protocol:

For an aquarium 1000 L Gross:
1st week; 2 ml / day
2nd week; 4 ml / day
3rd week; 6 ml / day
4th week; 8 ml / day (based regimen or maintenance).

From the 4th week we go increasing the dosage increasing doses of 2 ml per week to achieve high levels of production of zooplankton which fish, invertebrates and corals feed.
For proper dispersion Easybooster need to be introduced into the aquarium near a pump that produces good water circulation.

EasyBooster Prof.

This product has a very long shelf life. The expiration date will not change even if you begin working. The reason they do not change the date or alter the formula is that the bag is compressed as the gel comes out. That prevents the entry of air into the bag and thus prevents oxidation of phytoplankton.

This Prof format for use in aquariums is more than 500 liters (375 dose of approx 8 ml) or large installations.
In short it will sell 250 ml format, designed for aquariums from 200 to 500 liters.

EasyBooster Nano.

It is the same product but more diluted, which facilitates its dosing in smaller systems (Nano aquariums). It is recommended to use 4 ml per 100 liters of water in the aquarium.

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