Aqua Medic Helix-Max UV sterilizer

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Water clarifier for fresh- and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds

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Helix Max UV sterilisers can eliminate single cell algaes giving crystal clear water in aquariums and ponds.

The water is directed in a spiral path around the quartz tube resulting in more efficient use of the UV radiation than in standard units. The inlet and outlet fittings can be rotated through 360° for easy mounting at any angle. All Helix Max with a rubber cable and high frequency electronic ballast, for garden ponds, salt- and freshwater aquariums. The electronic ballasts increase the lifetime and the efficacy of the UV lamps.


Type5 Watt9 Watt11 Watt
Salt water aquarium25 - 125 l125 - 250 l150 - 350 l
Recommended max. flow100 l/h200 l/h300 l/h
Fresh water aquarium50-250 l250-500 l350-750 l
Recommended max. flow200 l/h500 l/h700 l/h
Capacity1.8 W/UVC2.4 W/UVC3.6 W/UVC
Cable length2 m2 m2 m
Lamp typePL-S-5 WPL-S-9 WPL-S-11 W
max. pressure0.3 bar
Power connection230 V~/50 Hz
Dimensions l x w 
in mm, app.
160 x 75240 x 75290 x 75
Typ18 Watt36 Watt55 Watt
Salt water aquarium250 - 500 l500 - 1,000 lbis 1,500 l
Recommended max. flow500 l/h1,000 l/h1,500 l/h
Fresh water aquarium500-1,000 l1.000-2.000 lbis 3.000 l
Recommended max. flow1,000 l/h2,000 l/h3,000 l/h
Capacity5.5 W/UVC12 W/UVC17 W/UVC
Cable length10 m10 m10 m
Lamp typePL-L-18 WPL-L-36 WPL-L-55 W
max. pressure0,3 bar
Power connection230 V~/50 Hz
Dimensions l x w 
in mm, app.
380 x 120510 x 120650 x 120

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