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Masstick is a mixture of several highly technical entirely self-produced natural compounds, and for the balanced and natural feeding omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates.
Masstick comprises raw materials of marine origin. Contains no attractants, artificial preservatives or synthetic products.
Masstick an adhesive paste is presented in powder mode, ready to be rehydrated with water.
A plaster turn can stick on any surface of the aquarium according to the preference of animals that is intended.
The presentation allows Masstick rehydratable powder can be pasted with pulp molluscs or crustaceans, fish eggs, shellfish or crustaceans, shrimp, mysids, copepods, rotifers, and orally administrable drugs.
Once prepared and introduced into the aquarium, Masstick not dispersed in water for hours, so it is fully utilized by fish and crustaceans. This feature enables it to be used in power mode "ad libitum" or rationed.
As a food prepared from lyophilized mainly crustaceans, fish skeleton contains, so that it is a food with low phosphate content relative to the protein content.


Add to Masstick osmosis water in a 1 / 0.5
Sample preparation: 14 grams of Masstick and 7 ml. of osmotic water
Mix the powder and water thoroughly in a zip bag until a smooth consistency and bread crumb mixture.
Once achieved the homogeneous mixture, the Masstick can be used immediately, or be frozen for later use. If Masstick freeze must be used within five weeks after preparation.
Take a portion of Masstick and paste it into a rock, branched coral skeleton, or in a glass aquarium (preferably in the lower third), or according to obtaining food habits of the animals which is intended.


- Masstick 14 contains a transparent zip pouch with 14 net grams of product.
- Masstick 42 contains three zip transparent bags with 42 net grams of product in each.
- Masstick 70 contains five zip transparent bags with 70 net grams of product in each.
- Masstick bulk zip contains a clear bag with 100 net grams of product.
- Masstick prof contains two aluminized bags with 500 net grams of product in each.

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